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Village food factory income (Arumugam income) In 2022

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Welcome to our Site! here on our website, Many articles about YouTubers income, YouTubers salary. According to that, In the article, we you will get detailed information about Village food factory Income, village food factory Salary, village food factory Net worth.
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Village food factory Salary:

Village food Factory salary was approximately 4 lakh per month only from YouTube. This is not an exact amount. This is only an approximation.

Village food Factory Income:

According to Socialblade, village food factory Income was Approximately 4 lakh per month.

Village food Factory Youtube channel:

Village food factory youtube channel had uploaded more than 400+ videos and gained more than 46+ lakh subscribers.
And his YouTube channel was started on 21 May 2015.

Who is founder of Village food Factory?

Village food factory YouTube channel is the brainchild of A Gopinath, a 27-year-old from Salem who gave up a job at Infosys to chase a dream that was planted in his head when he was in Class VII. Back then, his teacher had asked him this question: “How many people in the village know your father?” Today, he can turn around and say, “Hundreds of thousands.” For, at the centre of all his videos is his father — 60-year-old Arumugam.

Village food factory income
Village food factory income

Village food factory arumugam Net worth:

Village food factory arumugam Net worth was approximately 2 crore. This is an approximation.

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