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Alexander Babu Net worth 2023

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Alexander Babu net worth :

according to forbes, Alexander Babu net worth was approximately $500k.

alexander babu net worth 2022
alexander babu net worth 2023

Alexander Babu monthly income:

according to youtubers income’s website, Alexander Babu monthly income was approximately 5 Lakh per month.

Alexander Babu youtube channel:

Alexander Babu youtube channel had uploaded more than 150+ videos and gained more than 19+ lakh subscribers.
and his youtube channel was started on 4 November 2016.

Who is Alexander Babu?

Alexander Babu Arulanthu, whose stage name is Alexander Babu or Alex Babu, is an Indian stand-up comedian, yoga tutor, singer, actor, and musician. He was born on 18th December 1975. He left his corporate job as a software engineer in 2014 to focus on his passion for stand-up comedy and theater shows. He immediately found success, having toured in places in Dubai, USA, Singapore, UK, and many more for his performances. He produced his first stand-up-musical special, a 120-minute long English-Tamil episode in 2019, called Alex in Wonderland. Alex in Wonderland features on Amazon prime.
Alexander Babu youtube income was approximately 5 Lakh per month

How much money Alexander Babu makes on youtube ?

Alexander Babu makes approximately 5 Lakh on youtube.

Alexander Babu featured on thewikibio.

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