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Nia Sharma Net worth 2023

    nia sharma net worth 2022

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    Nia Sharma net worth :

    according to forbes, Nia Sharma net worth was approximately $8 Million.

    Nia Sharma monthly income:

    according to youtubers income’s website, Nia Sharma monthly income was approximately 10 lakh per month.

    Nia Sharma youtube channel:

    Nia Sharma youtube channel had uploaded more than 260+ videos and gained more than 40+ lakh subscribers.
    and his youtube channel was started on 18 January 2014.

    who is Nia Sharma?

    Native on 17th September 1990, Nia Sharma’s Age is Thirty Two Years as of 2023. She was native & conduct up in a middle class family from Delhi, India. Her real name is Neha Sharma but she is popular for her on display name Nia Sharma. She completed her early Academic Qualification at the St. Xavier’s School, Delhi. After that, she sign up at the Jagan Institute of Management, Delhi from where she finished her graduation in Journalism & Mass reporting. Since childhood, she was minded towards acting & modeling but later on, she moved her interest towards columnist & wanted to be a Television reporter & journalist.
    Nia Sharma youtube income was approximately 10 lakh per month

    nia sharma net worth 2023
    nia sharma net worth 2023

    how much money Nia Sharma makes on youtube ?

    Nia Sharma makes approximately 10 lakh on youtube.

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    Nia Sharma featured on thewikibio.

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